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Greg Martin

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Greg Martin has been a Peninsula resident his entire life. After graduation from Poquoson High School, he attended Thomas Nelson Community College and then the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland in Baltimore. Over the years, he has had vast experience in the broadcasting industry working at major Hampton Roads radio stations. Embarking on his radio career, Greg started AM DJ Service which has been in operation since 1981. With the formation of Junior Cotillion in 1985, Greg became the music and sound contractor. In the fall of 2006, Greg and his wife Kay became co-directors of Junior Cotillion. He is currently pursuing a degree at Oklahoma State University.

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Kay Martin

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Kay Martin came to the Peninsula from Kentucky in 1967 and attended Warwick High School. She then went on to Old Dominion University in Norfolk and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She was a labor and delivery nurse until 2008 and is currently a surgical nurse. She became involved with Junior Cotillion in 1993 and was a parent chaperone coordinator. In the fall of 1997, Kay joined the staff as coordinator of our cotillion assistants. In August 2006, Kay ( along with husband Greg) became co-owner/director of Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads. She and Greg have 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 1 grandson. They currently reside in Poquoson.

Matt Clark

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Matt Clark joined AM DJ Service in 2005, at the age of 14. He has since continued to work with the company as an assistant, equipment maintainer, as well as building his skill as a DJ, earning him the radio nickname of “DJ MC.” In 2010, after he graduated from Mathews High School, Matt took a temporary leave of absence while he attended college in Orlando Florida. During his leave, Matt continued to work for AM DJ Service by creating and maintaining our Facebook Page, as well as continuing to keep current on all new dance and party hits that everyone is playing at their events today. While he is keeping current on the new party favorites, Matt is also observing and “getting a feel” for what makes AM DJ Service really stand out, the hot hits and smoking oldies of yesteryear. By listening to the older songs, as well as the new, Matt is able to provide quality entertainment for partygoers of all ages for many years to come. Matt said “It’s really great to be able to have the newest and best dance music of today, but it’s even better when we can mix the new with the past, giving our company a unique sound that everybody can groove to.” While Matt continues to work with AM DJ Service, both as a DJ, equipment specialist, and our social media informant, he also serves the Citizens of the City of Poquoson as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, and is actively pursuing a career in Fire Prevention and Life Safety.

Denae Ondra


Denae Ondra, a long-time Downtown Hampton resident. She is a dance instructor for AM DJ Service and she is also the newest instructor to the Junior Cotillion family. Like the three others, she began Cotillion at the youngest possible age, completed the program, and then went on to become a Cotillion Assistant. With much delight, she accepted the position as instructor, fulfilling a dream of hers. Denae has been involved in various forms of dance her entire life (ballet, tap, jazz, and ballroom), but admits that ballroom is by far her favorite. Miss Ondra is an alumnus of Hampton Christian High School, where she graduated as a co-valedictorian. She feels blessed to work in her passion as a certified Spanish interpreter, as well as tutoring middle and high school students in Spanish and math. "Cotillion is a rare jewel in these times...presenting young men and women the opportunity to learn such valuable things too often forgotten or dismissed - chivalry, etiquette, modesty, and a clean, enjoyable experience - all in the setting of ballroom dance. I loved it when I was in the program myself, and I am excited now to be able to teach it to others!"

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